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Like many voice actors before him, Mike started his career doing Rock Concert security and working with families and youth in crisis. He also spent a few years coaching and teaching hockey before settling in to a two-decade long career of house flipping and renovations. A classic actors journey to his real passion of telling stories.

Mike's creativity comes from his dad, an accomplished director who spent one summer on set with director John Huston. His professionalism and integrity comes from watching his sister, an award winning tv producer. His pursuit of perfection comes from his mom, who currently holds the top spot as his number one fan.

A rich life history, a pedigree of excellence in the arts explain Mike's quick rise through the industry, establishing him as a "go-to" talent for some of the top companies worldwide. You just have to pull him away from gardening with his wife or playing video games with his kids...

IMBd: Mike Regan

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Join the world’s top brands in creating a sound that is powerful and resonates with your customers. Get in touch with Mike today.

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